Will the PFMA be amended?

Date: 21-11-2011

What this means for accountability and your municipality.

Will the PFMA be amended, and how will this impact on municipal accountability? Despite the removal of a number of underperforming municipal and government officials and the loss of b...

The Cost of Creating a Compliant Municipal Billing Database

Date: 21-11-2011

Municipalities learn the hard way

The South African government is taking a holistic approach to cleaning up provincial government and municipalities with acts such as the MFMA and PFMA as well as the requirement that all public accounts be

Municipal Revenue Enhancement Through More Effective Data Analysis

Date: 26-10-2011

The information age has given individuals the ability to transfer information freely and to have access to knowledge, of any kind, at the touch of a button. Data, from National Income levels to Football statistics, is readily available on the web to a...