Equity, Empowerment, Experience, Expertise and Proven Capability on tap for Municipalities

Date: 20-05-2013

The Smart Metro approach to maximising municipal revenue is to isolate every Erf within
the Municipality's area (both vacant and improved), and compare this to the
municipality billing system. The comprehensive gap analysis will reveal

Sustainable Success for Municipalities

Date: 13-05-2013

The sustainable success of municipalities in South Africa is critical to the
overall financial well being of the country a whole. Smart Metro provides
clean audit assistance an...

Three Phase Revenue Enhancement Program for Municipalities

Date: 06-05-2013

Metro successfully developed a three phase Revenue Enhancement Program as a
practical solution to the challenges facing the revenue section of
Municipalities. Sm...

Smart Metro Specialises in Municipal Revenue Enhancement

Date: 06-05-2013

Smart Metro specialises in Municipal Revenue Enhancement.  They have
successfully developed a four phase Revenue Enhancement Strategy (RES) as a
practical solution to t...

It's just not acceptable, Eskom told

Date: 15-01-2013

Cape Town - Eskom will face a barrage of criticism on Tuesday as a series of public hearings kick in on its proposed electricity price increases, which, if approved, will see tariffs rise by 110 percent over five years.