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Municipality pass rate @ 4% - Smart Metro appointed to DBSA panel

Date: 27-06-2014


Last week President Zuma delivered his State of the Nation Address. From a local government point of view one could not help but feel that there was little to celebrate - only 11 (4%) of our 278 municipalities were applauded for consistently good performances. A figure that sits in stark contrast to the Operation Clean Audit 2014 benchmark set by COGTA in 2009. However, while in terms of audit results the local government landscape has seen little change, behind the scenes many municipalities and supporting organisations are taking big steps in the right direction. A perfect example of this is the Development Bank of Southern Africa's local government capacity building programme.

It is therefore with great pleasure and pride that we inform you of Smart Metro's appointment to DBSA's recently established panel of Revenue Enhancement specialists! The panel was established as part of DBSA and Anglo American's R500m local government capacity building programme, and we cannot wait to play a part in this fantastic initiative.

Our mission at Smart Metro is to help municipalities make sure that they are accounting for, and correctly billing, each and every land parcel that falls within their jurisdiction. Imagine that at a glance you were able to identify all of your non-billed and under-billed consumers - our unique land-based approach enables you to do exactly that. We will ensure that your municipality is maximising its revenue from rates and services, thus achieving maximum income for enhanced service delivery as well as improved AG compliance.

Our pricing can be structured in such a way that there is little or no cost to the Municipality up front. Such is our confidence in our ability to deliver that we are willing to provide our services on risk - we are paid out of the enhanced revenue only once it is banked by the Municipality.

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