Industry Usage Database

Smart Metro updates and maintains an extensive client database, which contains historical utility data obtained from actual utility usage. This database includes information from heavy industry to schools and residential complexes.


Tariff Library

Smart Metro maintains a country-wide Municipal utility tariff library in electronic format. This enables us to compare tariffs, monitor price increases and accurately extrapolate budgets from historical consumption levels.


Site Inspection

Where analysis detects unexplainably high usage, Smart Metro uses technically qualified staff to physically inspect and investigate the cause. Our state of the art leak detection equipment and meter logging / testing equipment enables us to locate the problem, advise on remedies and ensure that corrective action is implemented.


Visual Record

The combination of Google earth images, SG cadastral overlays, Town planning footprints and GPS digital photos taken by Smart Metro�s field inspectors present a clear graphical picture of structures and utility supply and distribution points.




Mapping software - GIS

Smart Metro uses the Munsys GIS mapping software to physically locate and geographically represent each property in a Client�s portfolio. Munsys is a sister company in the Nous Group and their GIS is used by the SA Surveyor General, Joburg Water, Tshwane, and Ekureleni, to name a few.


Utility Management System - SMART

Smart Metro has developed a Utility Management System (SMART) which integrates a fixed asset register, utility usage and supplier tariffs to enable accurate monitoring and reporting of least cost options, usage trends, excess usage, budget forecasts etc. The asset register combines full detail from the Deeds office, SG and Municipality (including linked documents) together with all Smart Metro generated data mentioned previously.

This data set is maintained, updated and reported on by Smart Metro during the life of the contract period. The client is able to easily search and access all captured detail directly via the web, while management reports, budgets and problems requiring action are produced by Smart Metro on a monthly basis.