Smart Metro Municipal Revenue Enhancement

It is the right and responsibility of every Municipality in South Africa to correctly bill and collect payment for the services they provide to their people. Unfortunately, many Municipalities struggle to achieve this which results in insufficient revenue, an ever increasing gap between income and the cost to provide the services, and ultimately poor service delivery. A vicious cycle with dire consequences.

Smart Metro's land-based Revenue Enhancement Program will ensure that firstly your Municipality is accounting for and billing every billable land parcel in your jurisdiction, and secondly that every one of these land parcels is being billed correctly based on recorded consumptions and valuations, property category, Municipal tariffs and policies and various other influencing factors. Resulting in enhanced revenue, increased collections, and improved Auditor General compliance.

Our no-cure, no-pay model means that the Smart Metro Revenue Enhancement Program does not negatively impact on a Municipality's expenditure. We only participate in the additional revenue we have identified once it has been banked by the Municipality.