About Smart Metro

Value Statement

We are a proudly South African company committed to the implementation of effective Revenue Enhancement programs in partnership with our Clients. We will act in an ethical and fair manner through aligning the aims of clients, staff and shareholders so that benefits are shared equitably in support of broad based transformation in South Africa.


Understanding the challenges facing the Revenue Section of Municipalities towards achieving

  1. Compliance with revenue legislation;
  2. Growth in revenue; and
  3. Recovery of debt owed to municipalities

prompted the incorporation of Smart Metro in 2011 in order to meet these challenges with both a practical and beneficial solution.

We have joined forces with Ducharme Consulting, a company that specialises in improving the financial management and accounting function for Public Sector entities.

This combined knowledge of, and experience in - Municipal accounting practices, utility and assessment rates legislation, complex analysis and GIS enabled database development - places us in the unique position of being able to offer a comprehensive Revenue Enhancement Program for Municipalities throughout South Africa.


The following is a small sample of clients we have assisted in the past

  1. Kamiesberg Municipality
  2. Letsemeng Municipality
  3. Mier Municipality
  4. Makana Municipality

Resources and Tools

Including but not limited to:

  • Field operators expertise (for site inspections and visual records)
  • Analytical, technical, financial and legal expertise
  • Historical usage database
  • Munsys (Open Spatial GIS enabled software)
  • SMART, (Spatial Municipal Asset and Revenue Tracking software designed for the analysis, control and reporting of municipal assessment rates and services revenue)
  • Tariff libraries


Smart Metro, Venn Diagnostics, Open Spatial and others, are members of the Nous Holdings group of Companies, founded in 1988. Our knowledge base and experience during the past 24 years has led to well over R400 million being returned to more than 4 000 clients countrywide in both the public and private sectors. Ducharme Consulting focus on improving the ability of Municipalities to comply with all relevant finance legislation and best practice requirements by designing and implementing a wide range of finance standard operating procedure manuals and tools, and have during the past 8 years assisted more than 60 public sector entities in this regard.

Ownership and Status

Smart Metro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nous Holdings, is a South African owned and operated company, operates within the group with a permanent staff compliment in excess of 50 and is a Level 4 BBBEE provider.


Smart Metro's capacity includes expert analysts, project managers, database specialists, GIS specialists, implementation specialists, billing specialists, professional accountants and administrative officers.